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Bungalow Sebelas Info Sheet
Juada Gardens, Seminyak

This information sheet aims to inform you about the operations of the villa, and some of what Seminyak has to offer, including cafes and restaurants, beaches, chemists, money exchange, and how to get around.


Ayu (the housekeeper) will be there to great you unless your arriving very late.. If the house is unattended, pick up the key from reception, Wayan (the driver) will take you down to the bungalow.

Registering at Reception

The day after you arrive you must register as a guest. Either see Ayu or go the Reception area at the top of the gang and see Ketut or Nyoman. You will need your passport number, date and place of issue and expiry.


If you take a laptop, it is recommended that you use a ‘surge buster’. There are two kept at the bungalow. They are located in the cupboard where the safe is, along with two adaptors, mobile phone and torches.
Note: During peak season (Nov, Dec, Jan) there are sometimes rotating blackouts for up to three hours. Please use torches and candles provided.


The bungalow has its own mobile phone.
The phone number is 087761546292.
To dial Australia (+61 ) drop the first 0 then number
To receive calls from Australia or abroad the phone number is +6287761546292
There should be a small amount of credit left on the phone when you arrive- to check dial ‘*123#’ then ‘send’. To buy credit, there is a booth located out the front of the Bintang supermarket. Please leave a small amount of credit on the phone for the next guests. Thank you

Drivers/ Getting around

Speak to the drivers regarding rates
Both of the driver’s numbers are in the contacts list in the mobile phone.

If I have organized an airport pick up for you, more than likely Wayan will be there to pick you up and drive you back to the Bungalow. It is best to pre-book your return to the airport with Wayan. He also does day trips and tours around Bali.

The other driver we use is Johnny. If you need to get around town or you find it’s too hot to walk, give Wyan a call. He knows the ins and outs of Bali and is very familiar with the streets. He will pick you up from the Bungalow any time you need! Wyan also does day trips.


  • +6281936177077 (If you have an Australian phone)
  • 08193617077 (If you have a Bali phone)


  • +6281805662538 (Australian phone)
  • 081805662538 (Bali phone)

The Safes

There is a  safe in each bedroom.
Be sure to double-check your code before locking the door.
Instructions are located next to each safe

TV  Cable  guide is in the top draw under the TV
AV2: DVD player.
Wifi: The code for the Wifi is sebelas11.
If you are experiencing difficulties please contact me or Ketut at the fron desk.


Ayu the housekeeper works six half days per week, unless there is a ceremony she must attend. She will take care of just about everything around the house. She can help with organizing child minding, in house cooking and can help you plan visits to other areas of the island. If you need any help with anything just ask the housekeeper.


Small amounts can be washed in house but larger quantities must be sent out at your expense (it’s very cheap)

Garden & Pool

Nyoman takes care of the garden and a pool cleaner comes twice  a week. .


If you have brought along books with you to read, if you don’t require them anymore, feel free to leave them behind to add to the bungalow library as we aim to build up a selection of good reading for you and future guests. Thank you!

Water/Bali Belly

Do not drink the tap water. There is a water cooler with drinkable water provided. If you are in need of bottled water it is very cheap to buy from the convenience stores and supermarkets. It is also recommended that you take a probiotic a week before you go and during your stay in Bali.

Money Exchange

The best place to change money is BMC. It is situated half way down Seminyak Road on the right hand side towards the Bintang Supermarket, on the right hand side of the road. BMC is a reputable, non-commission money exchange outlet. Be aware of the small money exchange stalls, as they almost always shortchange you. BMC also have safety deposit boxes available.

Eating out/ Restaurants

There are many good café’s and restaurants within walking distance of the bungalow. About ten minutes walk to the beach you’ll find many café’s and restaurants to choose from on the esplanade. Please do not take any valuables with you or leave bags unattended at the cafés or beach!!! Please leave your valuables in the safe. Seminyak houses a lot of nice restaurants. There are so many new ones opening up

Ku De Ta
La Lucciola

Just go down Double Six (there are many other restaurants down this way and also along the beachfront)
There are an incredible amount of restaurants to choose from around the area so please do not limit yourself to the above suggestions as Bali has so much to offer!


Twenty metres before the Bintang supermarket (on the road at the top of the gang) is “APOTEK”, which will have all of your pharmaceutical needs. If anyone is affected by Bali Belly or feeling unwell, it is possible to buy tablets in the chemist to help you feel better- Just ask the people in the store.


If you want an in-house massage call Suku to arrange. They know where the Bungalow is and are fantastic.

Tourist Booth

A tourist booth is located at the front of the Chemist. The guys are really nice and will help you with information you may need.


10-15 minutes walk. Turn right at the top of the gang, and then go right to the bottom of 66.


It’s a good idea to carry a small torch at night as some streets are badly lit.


There are a good stock of mosquito coils and spray at the bungalow. The mattresses are all anti mosquito mattresses. Nets are situated over the bed for piece of mind whilst you sleep.
I suggest spraying the bedroom about 6pm and turning the airconditioning on.

Motorbike Hire (card in card file)

KADEK 081 999 113987
Or   036 121 60902

He also lives at the top of the ‘gang’ and works at ‘Juada Gardens’.


It is best to take along US $40 per person for Visa on Arrival
You can also pay in Australian Dollars

Heavy and Continuous Rain

During heavy and continuous rain periods (mainly in the wet season Dec, Jan, Feb & Mar)
As Bungalow Sebelas is at the bottom of the ‘gang’
Water in the ‘gang‘ (lane) and front garden may rise above ankle depth
Don’t worry it slowly drains away as there are 2 huge retention tanks pumping away as fast as possible.


During heavy rain you will need to roll down the screens at the front of the house. It’s a bit of an effort to lock them onto the hooks and roll them back up.


Visa on Arrival US $40.00 per person

On your departure from the bungalow please leave behind the surge protector, power adaptors, torches and the mobile phone. Thank you

Please feel free to pass on any feedback during or at the conclusion of your stay.

If you have any issues during your stay that cannot be resolved please call me  +61414372502 / (0414372502)
Enjoy your holiday!

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