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The¬†island of Bali is an area of 5,632 sq km’s & measure 90 km’s from north to south & 140 km’s from east to west.

Bali is blessed with a cultural beauty that is both magical & mythical. Traditional dances & elaborate religious festivals make Bali an enchanting & cultural holiday experience. With volcanic landscapes, tropical beaches, spectacular rice terraces & enchanted historical temples it represents a scenic & stunning cultural hub ideal for your next perfect holiday escape. With warm welcoming smiles & gracious hearts the Balinese people play a large part in making the island of Bali so captivating.

Bungalow Sebelas is located in the busy hub of Seminyak.
Our Address is:Juada
Juada Garden Bungalows
JL Raya Seminyak 501
Kuta Bali
(Entrance to Juada Gardens is next door to ‘The Haven’)

To find Bugalow Sebelas just follow the images below…

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